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Spirit-Powered Persuation


On the Jewish Festival of Pentecost that followed Jesus’ Resurrection, the the Father anointed the Son’s disciples with the Holy Spirit. Since then Jesus-followers engage in Spirit-powered persuasion (Note: the beginning of the message is missing and the audio-visual tech forgot to follow the pastor with the camera ; nonetheless the audio comes thru fine).

Wise Waiting


In Acts 1:12-16, we get a glimpse of how the first disciples waited prayerful to be baptized in the power of the Holy Spirit. We no longer wait for the Spirit, we wait on the Spirit’s leading. As with new technologies, our lives are far more mpacrful when we learn how to utilize the Spirit’s leadings and develop habits that enable us to hear these leadings.

Promise of Power


The Lord wants to use our waiting for the pandemic’s end to prepare us to bear witness to the Risen Lord in the power of the Spirit.

Easter Grace


Though the Resurrection is primarily about new life, Jesus' pursuit of Peter reverberates with grace.

Jesus names “What’s Going On”


Centuries before Marvin Gaye’s classic tune explained “What’s Going On?”, Jesus’ Parable of the Wicked Tenants foretold his crucifixion. The story also reminds us of God’s disappointment when spiritual leaders and institutions fail to yield justice and righteousness.

Gazing on History's Vista


While warning the Twelve about imminent destruction, Jesus challenged every disciple to watch out for distractions that keep us from being and sharing Good News.

Jesus OK with Pagan Rule?


In the last days of his earthly life, the religious establishment tried to trick Jesus into opposing the Roman Empire or being co-opted by it. His brilliant non-answer to their question guides us as to how we relate to government, even though our situation is radically different.

Re-Think Rich


The grace of Jesus challenges us and empowers us to de-throne Money!

Forever Young!


According to Jesus, childlike-news is necessary to enter God’s Kingdom and great are those who hang out with children. Good thing for me that this garden is a magnet the neighborhood kids! How might you cultivate childlike-ness?

Ants in Pants Faith


(Ok, he didn't actually use those words;-)

Listen to Him!


Like Peter, we’re tempted to think that we “got it” when we don’t! As the iconic RCA dog positioned himself to the phonograph, let’s be attentive to scripture, so we too can hear Our Master’s voice.

Let Go of Ego


Ironically, on the day that many Americans watch the greatest sports contest," Mark's Gospel highlights the "Super Bowl" of personal battles.

Dogged Faith!


Mark 7:24-30 tells us that Jesus initially resisted a pagan woman who begged him to free her daughter from evil. Comparing her to a dog was rude and exclusive, unless Jesus had a larger, loving purpose. This story helps us to see how Jesus provokes healing, liberating faith in us.

Heart of the Matter


Our re-discovery of how Jesus inaugurated God's Kingdom on earth brings us to Mark 7. As we overhear Jesus confronting empty religious traditions, we'll have the opportunity to gain deeper awareness of the transforming power that catalyzes genuine life-change.

His mercies are new every morning!

Calmed in the Wind


You may feel as if you’re up against strong winds. Mark 6:45-52 reminds us that Jesus shows up supernaturally to calm his disciples, so we can make a positive impact on the stormy world around us.

Stewards of Abundance


So far 2021 seems like 2020 on steroids! COVID kills more people every day. Divisions within our country have reached a crisis. What can we do?

We will follow Jesus! We will BE the church! Our worship provides the opportunity to declare allegiance to God's Kingdom and grow deeper as disciples by resuming our study of Mark's Gospel.

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